Who We Are

About Us

We want to give you the opportunity to express yourself! With family and friends, or by yourself, you can create a casket that leaves your lasting impression.

An Idea Formed

Around a table with friends, the topic of funerals came up. Why can’t we have more say? Surely there are those that want to express their individuality to the last moment?
The answer for me was YES! From that conversation came the idea that I wanted to give people the opportunity to do just that!

Hard Work Paid Off

I set about asking people how they felt about personalised caskets. Once they got over the initial gasp of such a topic, their ideas started flowing.
There were many twists and turns along the journey to the final product, but through it all I felt driven to provide this amazing service.
Lachie Marks was excited to get involved. His incredible talent in the tattooing industry is world renown, and he was keen to try a different medium. This has added yet another dimension to the service we provide.
It hasn’t been easy, but I am very proud to present a product that is a blank canvas on which anyone can express their uniqueness for the last time.

A Dream Launched

After many months of planning and orchestrating the final product is here.
For those that want to take their final resting place into their own hands, Last Expressions gives you that opportunity. I hope you enjoy creating something that says YOU. For those family and friends who have chosen to do this, I hope you enjoy saying I LOVE YOU in an amazingly different way!

Make a Statement

Our Casket Options

Choose Your Text

You get to choose whatever words you want on your casket, in any font you would like.

Decorative Add-ons

If another medium is more you, we can supply other tools to decorate your casket – glitter, paint, textas…  The ideas are endless.

Tattoo A Picture

After consultation with you, we would love to tattoo a picture on your casket lid that expresses you or your interests. All you need to do is supply a picture and leave the rest up to us.

Internal Fabric Colour

We have a large range of materials for linings, but we can certainly accommodate your own personal choice of material


If you are wanting some help building your casket, we offer group sessions for construction. All you need to do is register your interest in a workshop. These can also be arranged in your area, should numbers require it.

Full Instructions

The instructions are clear and concise on how to put your casket together. Should you have any questions we are here to help.

Easy to assemble

Instructions in plain English make it simple. All parts, screws, glue and linings are included. All you need is a screwdriver. Once assembled, your casket is ready to create your own decoration.

Paint, Stick, Glue

Want ideas on how to decorate your casket? We will help you make your statement. The options are only limited by imagination.

Family & Friends

This idea also works for family and friends to build a casket for that special someone. It is a chance to have an amazing bonding experience.

Leave a lasting impression

Choosing a deluxe casket gives you the option to have your unique art work as a family keep sake forever. The actual lid is wrapped with the design and the actual artwork is yours.

We're in Bendigo

Located 150km north of Melbourne we are available to help in any way we can. For a small fee I am happy to come and help you assemble your casket.

A Little Message From Us

In life there are always the moments that really matter – births, marriages, that first kiss. Dying is one of those moments and having the ability to make your last impression can make all the difference. Make it YOUR moment. Express yourself!

Our motto – Every Moment, Every Day, Enjoy! This applies to even that LAST moment. Life is about experience and expression. We hope that we can give you the opportunity to make that moment yours.

Jennie Barnes

Designer / Artist

Jennie is a registered Marriage Celebrant and Funeral Celebrant. She wants to give you the opportunity to talk about the certainty of dying. Let’s bring it out into the open! Her wish is to help people make a difference in a very personal way.

Every Moment Celebrant
Networking Bendigo
Natural Death Advocacy Network

Lachie Marks


Lachie has an amazing talent that he would like to share with those that need a hand expressing themselves. His artwork has been experienced worldwide and is ready to help you!

What Our Customers Say

A Great Find

Thank You!

– James

Amazing Service

Just what I wanted. Thank you!

– Samantha

Beautiful Designs

For those that want to make their last impression – this is a great service!

– Kevin

Great Value

My design ended up amazing! Thanks guys.

– Laura